Resource Center

        Cliffdale Community Church

                     Resource Center (R.C.)                       

Mission of CCC’s Resource Center:  To equip His people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up (Ephesians 4:12 NIV)

 Goals of the Resource Center:

-Provide the resources needed for works of service:  people, knowledge, assistance, material, equipment, funds, etc.  (the #1 resource at CCC is its people)

-If a particular resource isn’t available, the R.C. will try to provide direction on where to get it or facilitate a means to acquire it

-Be a starting point for Spirit led ideas/activities.  If you have an idea, suggestion, or even a complaint that would benefit or improve our work for Christ, bring it to the R.C. as a starting point.  The R.C. Facilitator will consult the Pastor and the CCC team for further direction      

-Facilitate outreach activities to the community

-Facilitate ministries, programs and activities within the church

-Resource Center is not/will not:

-Promote or provide resources to any activity that is contrary to the Word of God  

 -Be used for personal gain

 -Cause waste or abuse of any resource, we will be good stewards of God’s


-Be used to cause divisions between CCC members or CCC ministries, but rather a means to create effectiveness and synergy  


Location:  The R.C. is located in the main church building next to the Pastor’s office.  We’re brand new as of Sep 2019, so things are still under development.  

             We need your help.  Anyone who has a great idea, suggestion, complaint, wants to donate something, would like to participate someway, thinking about starting a church activity, or whatever the Holy Spirit is moving you towards, contact the R.C. Facilitator:  (Mr.) Jess “KJ” Kajiwara:     (910) 922-7459.  You can also provide information on the online form below, information will be confidential and the Resource Center Facilitator will facilitate further action.  You can also provide information on the connect card during Sunday offerings. 

Resource Center Suggestion or Request Form


 Online resource:

 -Links to helpful websites (these resources are not being promoted or not necessarily endorsed by Cliffdale Community Church):   helps you find things in the Bible and in different Bible translations  online Christian bookstore  site provides links to bibles in over 4000 different languages 

-Downloadable material of CCC membership classes (we’re currently in the process of uploading these classes…patience please)

 List of physical resources at the R.C.  Currently this is a work in progress…  In the near future, CCC would like to have a “lending closet” which would have some furniture or tools that can be loaned out to those in need.  If you’d like to donate items, contact the Resource Center (please only include serviceable items, we don’t want anyone getting hurt using something dangerous!).      


CCC History/Archives
The church’s birthday is soon approaching in November.  We would like to build a historical archive of CCC.  If you have any photos, short videos, stories, etc. that you’d like to share, contact the Resource Center Facilitator.  If you do have some historical photos, a caption or anecdote that explains the photo adds so much to the experience and memories (you don’t have to write on the actual photo but include the info along with the photo).  There are some legalities with emailing photos of children, so please contact the Resource Center Facilitator first.