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Exerpts from Moments of Hope - Trust Her Gut by David & Marilynn Chadwick

08.20.19 | Faith | Love | by David Chadwick

    Husbands are called to honor their wives (1 Peter 3:7). It’s not optional.
    How can husbands honor their wives? How can we show that we value them? Here is one clear way to do so: Trust her gut.
    I wish I had been smarter in this area; if so, I could have avoided a lot of pain. I could have avoided several difficult mistakes.
    If I could redo one major part of Marilynn’s and my marriage, it would be this one. I’d trust her gut more. I’d honor her intuition. It’s happened on multiple occasions. Marilynn sensed something was wrong. Her spiritual antenna was high. She felt an unknown something. It caused extreme tightness and discomfort in her stomach area.
    Marilynn couldn’t explain it, but it was undeniable within her. She would warn me about it. I
    would give a polite nod and plow ahead. Honestly, I was rather dismissive of her insights.
    Looking back, I should have listened. Most often, what she felt was true.
    Marilynn jokingly calls it her early warning radar system. It picks up warning signals
    for the husband with whom she has become one flesh (Genesis 2:24).
    Husbands, if you want to honor your wife, trust her gut. Listen to her warnings. Your wife is probably right!
    And you will be safer in the long run.

    Make your marriage all God wants it to be