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A Forgiven Forgiver

10.19.19 | Love | Forgiveness | by David Chadwick

    A husband is called to honor his wife (1 Peter 3:7).


    Moments of Hope: A Voice of Reason

    A Forgiven Forgiver

    A husband is called to honor his wife (1 Peter 3:7). It’s not optional. In fact, if the husband refuses to do so, his prayers are hindered!
    What more can a husband do to honor his wife? 
    Be a man of God. Seek after God’s heart. It’s what all Christian wives long for. And you honor your wife when you seek to be a man of God.
    More practically, what more does this mean?
    Become a forgiven forgiver. Realize the meaning of Matthew 6:12: “Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors” (NIV). Paul echoed this teaching that we are to forgive one another as Christ has forgiven us (Ephesians 4:32).
    Understand fully the huge debt that Jesus paid for you. Now forgive your wife the comparatively small debt she owes you. Forgive as you’ve been forgiven.
    Ruth Bell Graham, Billy’s wife, once said that the best marriages are made up of two great forgivers. She is correct. When husbands and wives hurt each other, we forgive as we’ve been forgiven.
    Husbands, when you do so, you are not only being a man of God, but you are honoring your wife.
    And your marriage is being drawn closer and closer together.