Firebase For Christ  

is a ministry designed with the military community of Cliffdale Community Church in mind. All active duty, prior service and their familiy members are welcome. A ministry based on Ezekiel 37:1-14, God can put the pieces back together again; where the military community can get together with likeminded Christians and freely discuss, support and encourage each other while reaching out to the community. God's Word brings the dead to life, and light into darkness; community begins at home, like the military, our base of operation is Christ through Cliffdale Community Church. God Built a vast army; As Christians we are God's army, our mission is to represent and serve him while helping others in our community.

Please see Diana Rothmeier for more information


Meeting times: Once a month to be decided by members. 

Meeting place: Church and varous places as we don't like to be cooped up in and being in the community helps being seen.

Meeting activities: Open with prayer, discuss agenda as needed, guess speakers, child care made available and activities that are planned.