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New Testament Challenge

Autumn 2017 Life Groups
 Cliffdale Community Church


This fall, Life Groups will have the opportunity to read through the New Testament in its entirety.  Every day you will be reading several chapters from the New Testament then, during Sunday services, the Pastor's sermons will connect us to the readings you discussed in your group that week.  The great thing is you will cover way more each week than can be taught just during Sunday services. We believe by doing all this together as a church and as a life group member, it will have an enormous impact on your faith and relationship with Christ.   

Cost is $5.00 per person

Groups and study subjects listed below. You can sign up for your group below as well. Be sure to list the group number that you would like to attend.

Life Group leaders, dates and times are listed below.

Sunday Night

#1 Rose/Nick Jones  ~ Sunday @ 5pm @ 5405 Ballentine St, Hope Mills

#2  Dale Paschall ~ Sundays @ 6pm @ CCC                    

Monday Night

#3 Dusty Grice ~ 6:00 pm - Fayetteville    

#4 Pastor & Cathy Barnett - 6:30 pm @ CCC    

Wednesday Night

#5 Gordon Smith ~ 6:30 pm @CCC                                                                                       

Thursday Night

#6 Michelle/Daris Johnson ~ 7:00 pm - Fayetteville    

Saturday Morning

#7 Brenda Olague ~ Saturdays @ 9am @ CCC

#8  Bob Kahihikala ~ Saturdays @ 9am @ CCC


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Life Group Sign Up

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  *Maximum 16 Participants Per Group*

Questions? Call the Church Office at 910-860-3559 

 What is a Life Group? 

A life-changing Bible study with 8-10 group members who agree to meet together for ten weeks of prayer, Bible study, and mutual encouragement. Group members vary in age, life-circumstances, Biblical literacy, and Christian experience. All are welcome and every attender at Cliffdale is encouraged to participate. In Life Groups you'll get to know others in the church family, make friends, and be encouraged in your faith. Life Groups meet in homes and at the church. Childcare options vary by group.


Why do I need to be in a Life Group?

Cliffdale Community Church's life group ministry is directly related to our core commitment to genuine relationships. It's difficult to build genuine relationships in the context of our Sunday worship service. However, in life groups we have the time and opportunity to get to know one another! This is important because no one can grow in their spiritual journey alone. Fellowshipping with other believers enables us to become all that God desires us to be.

Our Life Groups also do community project at the end of each semester. Each Life Group picks their own project. Below is an example of the impact from one of our Life Groups projects last semester.